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Rearranged by the Servant of Allah, Indonesia, Jakarta 19-May-2012-09-June-2012
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A. Preliminary
B. Background and Purpose Document Writing
C. Summary Some of the Disaster and Disaster-Related hunch Writer
D. Short Spiritual Experience (hunch of Dreams, Hunches through Objects Around)
E. Some details Spiritual-Related Experience:

1. Floods and Landslides in the town of Ambon during the opening of the National MTQ and the Inauguration of the Statue National Heroes Johanis Leimena by President SBY, Friday June 8, 2012
2. Hundreds of Travel cottage destroyed by the waves, Serdang, North Sumatra Bedagai, Metro TV Saturday, June 9, 2012
3. controversial granting clemency to the President Corby drug case, 28-May-2012
4. eight landslides killed in Ambon, May 26, 2012
5. accumulation of gold miners were killed in Bogor 8, May 24, 2012
6. Tragedy Sukhoi Superjet 100 Russian plane crashed into the cliffs of Mount Salak destroyed, Wednesday 9-May-2012
7. Death of Deputy Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Wijajono Partowidagdo, April 21, 2012
8. Demo Reject Fuel Price Rise March 29, 2012
9. Wafatnya KH. Zainudin MZ, July 5, 2011
10. Fall of the Middle Eastern kingdom of Libya, Syria, Egypt, Yemen, etc., March 2011
11. Indonesia's Soccer Team defeated the Football Team Malaysia in the year 12/27/2010
12. Disaster Mount Merapi erupts Magelang in Central Java on 26-Oct-2010
13. Death of Mama Lauren at 21:37, Monday, May 17, 2010
14. Death of Gus Dur KH Abdurrahman Wahid, died at 18:45 the day Thursday, December 30, 2009
15. Padang Earthquake September 2009, Wednesday (30/9/2009)
16. killing of terrorist Noordin Mohammad Top 17 September 2009
17. Flood Mentawai Mandailing Natal North Sumatra
18. Fires in California Wednesday 26-Aug-2009
19. Edward Ted Kennedy dies, Wednesday (26/08/2009)
20. earthquake in Padang and the Mentawai 17-Aug-2009
21. Storm Morakot in Taiwan, Sunday, August 9, 2009
22. Fires in Greece that Italy was approaching Athens, Sunday 23-Aug-2009
23. Death of WS Rendra Friday, 08/07/2009 12:37 pm
24. Death champion Surip Tuesday, 08/04/2009 23:49 pm
25. bomb blast at the JW Marriott and Ritz Carlton Hotel, South Jakarta, Friday, 07/17/2009 13:04 pm
26. Death of Michael Jackson Off For Muslims, 25 June 2009
27. tragedy Situ Gintung Friday, 03/27/2009 6:40 PM
28. A cluster bombs thrown by Israeli forces into the heart of Gaza 01/01/2009
29. Tsunami Banda Aceh, Monday, December 26, 2005

F. Main details of President Sukarno, Indonesia will hit Accidents to 2013
G. Closing Documents
H. Talks about dreams, hunches, and Relation, Discussion About Accidents

A. Introduction

Everything in this earth there is no escape from the control of Almighty God better planning, scheduling, decision, implementation, testing, maintenance, control, monitoring and review in the universe are all fully occupied by the HIS and will run as scheduled by the will and the power His no one can stop him and turn.
Likewise calamity and disaster in Indonesia and the world during the idzin is not independent and the decision of God, then we as humans engage sepatutnyalah God as a place to ask, dialogue, and as the principal advisor to anticipate, prevent and deal with this disaster in addition to discussing issues with experts and professors disaster.
Therefore God is not heranpun provide a plan that would be run-HIS to someone on an ongoing basis without violating precisely what is rumored to HER, because everything is in His control, although His secret to most people, feel there is no feeling, feeling kejadianya suddenly, unexpectedly, etc. when everything is recorded in a computer system HIS. Therefore, make HIM as a place to complain and submit to us safe from the doom and disaster that we did not expect.
Language of the Bible says that God is aware that Torment Very Loud, Very Fast Calculations of God, God-Man had a plan too, has plans, God Still There and His rule has never changed, all-wise God, Oft-Forgiving, Most Gracious and Most Merciful , then repent and obey God so that we saved the world and the hereafter.
Final words I profusely apologize to the readers and especially to Mr. President who is often mentioned in this paper. Truth is but from Allah and the mistakes are of my own.
B. Background and Purpose Document Writing

This paper background with Bombings Part II Hotel JW Marriott and Ritz-Carlton that occur unexpectedly and suddenly no one knows including the paranormal, why there was silence (the media, red). But I is not the identity soerang paranormal was touched and teary himself when he gets there news of this event. Ya Allah ...!, You were all-knowing, what will happen and must happen, and always give a signal in the form of a hunch or any small picture to me what will happen, although in the form of symbols that must be translated further.
At that time in my house happened to have my sister from the village and I asked him, "I, if the sister is not feeling?, There will be bombs, no ..!, If to me there is always a feeling, if you want something, yesterday, right in relate to my sister .., how kak if I apply to as Contributed Spiritual Pak SBY, try it out .. ", a short story I return home and ask permission to my mother, and found that my mother also got the same feeling with my intentions and he said "good signal, my mother had prayed the same", but by other considerations so I did not send this document to Pak SBY. For that reason I do to this document specifically presented to selected 2009 Mr. President that is Mr Dr. H. Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono.
The purpose of writing this document is to present information concerning my own spiritual experience and its foundation of the Qur'an and hadith in order not to get out of me as a Muslim ideology.
After a long document is saved from the year 2009 because of busy, now there is a tragedy we are witnessing another Sukhoi (April 2012) crashed into Mount Salak, which killed 48 people and professional business people, and thank God before I was given a premonition of events happening through my dreams and my wife, and thank God almost every incident that became the focus of public discussion of God is almost always inspiring to me so that recorded all very tiring because of the many.

C. Summary of Some Accidents & Disasters The Associated With Hunches Writer


Hundreds of Travel cottage destroyed by the waves, Serdanga Bedagai Sumatra, Metro TV Saturday, June 9, 2012
I dream together with floods and landslides in Ambon during the opening Musabaqah Tilawatil Qur'an, I remembered the dream into a National Hero Imam Bonjol.
Floods and Landslides in the town of Ambon during the opening of the National MTQ and the Inauguration of the Statue National Heroes Johanis Leimena by President SBY, Friday June 8, 2012
President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono will arrive in Ambon on Friday (8/6) afternoon at the same time unveiled a statue of National Hero, John mena in the village of Poka and officially opened the evening MTQN XXIV national level at 20.00 CEST. Rain Not Prevent Taaruf parade.
My dream: On the morning of Friday June 8, 2012 I was a football field and see my kampong dipinggirnya school was bad,
Patimura no sound sculpture, in the heart .. his statue in which, after investigation it turns out that there is a statue of dipinggirnya
big white background as the background Buddha statue, a statue next to a kind of animal that is waiting, then I remembered the Imam Bonjol and thought the statue was a statue of Imam Bonjol.
After waking up I was surprised why the dreams of statues and sculptures Patimura, but it's white, white is usually a disaster.
On Saturday I accidentally read the newspaper, Media Indonesia, and there was the article "Ambon hit by floods and landslides during the opening of the National MTQ and inaugurated by Pak SBY and beliaupun plans to inaugurate a statue of a hero"
(If interpreted: Patimura = Patimura from Ambon, there are plans inauguration of the statue = statue, white = sign of misfortune, Imam Bonjol = original location of the accident along with Imam Bonjol or Sumatra, hard to see the statue of Mr. SBY = not timely come to Ambon due to weather worse, the inauguration of the statue the next day Saturday, June 9, 2012).
Controversy over the granting of pardon to the president Corby drug case, 2 May 6th 2012
In addition to the news this week about the controversy Lady Gaga, Indonesia is also shocked by the news of granting clemency by President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono (SBY) to the Queen Marijuana (Cannabis) which should still be in prison long Denpasar, Bali. Seharusnnya Corby Sentenced to Death ( ز
Corby case to SBY Problem Tonight Registered to the administrative court
Granting clemency to convicted drug case, Schapelle Leigh Corby will be sued to the State Administrative Tribunal (Administrative Court). Grenade is a DPP-led prominent lawyer, Henry Yosodiningrat who will submit the request.
"The lawsuit against President DPP grenade with the object of a lawsuit in the form of Presidential Decree on the granting of clemency to Schapelle Leigh Corby (Residents Negara.Australia) and Achim Peter Frans Grobmann (German citizen) will be enrolled this day Thursday, June 7, 2012
My dream: I mimmpi in freeloader Pak SBY and Pak SBY bicycle crossing the road and plunged down the cliff side of the road, why why sir? .. after the fall, he said I was fine while he climbed up again through a different path and I followed his family menghampri.
8 killed in landslides in Ambon, May 26, 2012
Landslide disaster occurred after heavy rains flushed the city of Ambon on Saturday (26/05/2012) night. A number of houses buried in the ground and the seven victims were found dead.
Hunches and dreams along with the landslide in Bogor are both eight people were killed.
Accumulation of gold miners were killed in Bogor 8, Thursday 24-May-2012
After the tragedy of aircraft Sukhoi Superjet 100 have ended abruptly in the landslide disaster at Bogor gold mine located on Mount Salak Bogor as well.
A total of eight miners at Mount Pillar or gurandil in the National Parks Hazy, Salak Bogor, West Java, died buried.
My dream: I dream of crossing the bridge the already fragile and ran towards the south towards the north to the tree and stuck to the wind bounced into a broken tree trunk was then hit by high winds, the weather was dark, the position of the south and north, then there is news out of Java dibogor and precisely in Ambon also landslides and floods (there are two landslide events in Bogor and in Ambon) .
Tragedy aircraft Sukhoi Superjet 100 was destroyed after crashing into the cliffs of Mount Salak, Russian, disappeared on Wednesday, May 9, 2012
I dream: about a week before the event I saw a kind of dragon dream of palm trees hit the orange color of the pool and then the trip to the office I saw the victim hit by a vehicle surrounded by many people and seen scattered flesh (meat = harbinger of death), the day before Genesis was my wife's dream of the mountain on the Mount he hung on the tree and I'm watching something then look no sound hot hot, the next day I dream of my dark office and there is a company director and financial manager said record-record, my office position south (dark = sign of the disaster, officials = the victims of the rich, notes = is the destiny of God, south = position of the fall of the south of Jakarta), after that I know of Sukhoi aircraft lost my wife after work, I dream a day after the event there are Caucasians who wants to save himself he said oil exploded and he said very sick .. the pain will never forget till death .., and it turns out there are in fact Caucasian Russian even though I do not know on the first day there was a Russian.


Wakil Wafatnya Menteri ESDM Wijajono Partowidagdo, 21 Apr 2012

April 21, 2012 - Deputy Minister of Energy and Mineral Resources Wijajono Partowidagdo died while climbing Mount Tambora do.

My dream: I dream at night rather dark cloudy weather, I wonder why I dream what dark as a dark room, kept at noon I dream the same dream again again overcast (cloudy grief can be interpreted Indonesia). Once I heard a pack minister died and the day overcast dikebumikannya in Jakarta, I thought this might be prejudiced, and after that I was good that Mr. Wamen EMR is a good man, may be accepted by Allah Almighty's good deeds.


Demo Reject Fuel Price Increases, March 29, 2012

March 29, 2012 - A Police Car Burned in Salemba demonstration in Jakarta, student protests rejected the increase in fuel prices (petrol) in Indonesia.

My dream: I dream at night there are a bunch of young kids push the car until the car is upside down directed west of my house looks like a position in Salemba. The next day students burned a police car.


Wafatnya KH. Zainudin MZ, July 5, 2011

July 5, 2011 - JAKARTA - Innalillahi Wa Inna Ilaihi Rojiun. Indonesia blanketed the news people, especially Muslims. KH. Zainudin MZ better known as the preacher million ummah.

My dream: Almost a month I lost my recording equipment that I normally use to record and I feel lost at all, then to a few days before his death KH Zainudin my dream be in a mosque for prayers, then there is near the pulpit, a similar pakaianya the dashing and habaib safari shirt dress who likes to wear striped KH Zainudin like batik in 2004's, the person holding it while standing on his hands which hang down, and then he excused himself and was attended by the mercy of white luxury car to pick her up and located in the south of the mosque. Then after that dream I heard KH Zainudin died, and shortly later I also lost family, including scholars in Padalarang. (= Loss Da'i recording equipment to love recorded, Prayer = trouble, safari clothes = wear habits Zainudin KH, Mercy prestigious white = man hit by disasters, carrying sling = to invite a scholar from the south of Jakarta). And I am prejudiced both the KH Zainudin was a great man who was picked up by the Lord, may the good deeds be accepted and forgiven all his sins.


The fall of the kingdom of the Middle East Libya, Syria, Egypt, Yemen, etc., March 2011

My dream: Before or moderate agitation Middle East, while president of Tunisia diturunkeun see, I dream to see many stars or a comet in the west fell down, his voice was bracts .. bracts .., continue to look to the north there are Arabic calligraphy.

(Turns on the television, news of the Middle East is in turmoil, collapse Tunisia, Yemen, Lebanon rocked king

especially now that Egypt has nine days he continued anarchist demo (from my notes dated March 2, 2011), Mubarok told to resign, the king is identical with the star on the later collapsed), and on this day March 23, 2012 Egypt and Libya Muammar Kadafi has fallen a distant memory and the Middle East such as Syria is still volatile.



Indonesia's Soccer Team defeated the Football Team Malaysia in the year 27, 2010.

My dream: I was in the room above but white and the fear of falling down, continue to dream of walking in the muddy fields, he said Malaysia was beaten by italy (Cristian Gonzales = descent west), continue to see Mr. SBY so small and skinny like burning down to the bottom. I have been prejudiced Indonesia will lose, although I am not so interested in football, after I watched the end of Indonesia won the match, I said to myself why I do not really dream, my sister said Indonesia continued to lose because the point is less emang. So my dream is still true Indonesia lost the match point while Indonesia won against Malaysia. In the final game before the cue was all there, including with Thailand.



Mount Merapi erupts disaster Magelang in Central Java on 26-Oct-2010,

Merapi eruption known as wedus trash or hot pyroclastic clouds trim speed of 100 km / h, korbanpun grow to over 100 people, including even falling korbanpun Marijan, Merapi disaster last long.

My gut feeling: In the morning after Fajr prayer I read the verse in the Quran that Allah tells man tortured for his sin with a hot cloud, incidentally Qur'an dukhon letter ad-verse 10 and coincides there are tremendous bursts of hot clouds in the trim at 10, too.

44:8. There is no God (the right to be worshiped) but Him, and Yang Yang turned off. (He is) Lord and the Lord of your fathers earlier.
44:9. But they play in doubt.
44:10. Then wait a day when the sky brings a real fog,
44:11. that includes humans. This is a painful punishment.
44:12. (They say): "Our Lord, we doom lenyapkanlah of it. For us, we will believe."
44:13. How they can receive an alert when there came to them a messenger who
give an explanation,
44:15. (But if) We shall remove the torment a little bit actually you will return (reject).
- Merapi eruption of a long and devastating eruptions and heat clouds that can burn up to burn anything extraordinary, from the information these Quranic verses and then I noticed the people around Merapi rintiahan, I have kesamaanya value, which the Lord gave a warning to the conclusion that human sinned against the rules if you still love god and god can not be defeated, and no one can stop siksaanya.


Death of Mama Lauren at 21:37, Monday, May 17, 2010

Famous astrologer Mama Lauren died at Cikini Hospital, Central Jakarta. According to information from space officials said the bodies of Cikini Hospital, Mama Lauren died at about 9:37 p.m., Monday, May 17, 2010. VIVAnews quoted.

My hunch: Aki Dry and Damaged Motor Off time I warmed up but still new at the same time with the death of Mama Loren, but do not remember it at all.


Death of Gus Dur KH Abdurrahman Wahid, died at 18:45 hours Thursday, December 30, 2009

My hunch: I broke my pants Sleting but still good, I use a laptop which died suddenly and was broken Laptop Batrei not be used again but was not yet 2 years old (the destruction of my property is usually a sign that something unfortunate for others).


Padang earthquake September 2009, Wednesday (30/9/2009)

7.6 magnitude earthquake Pariaman, West Sumatra, at 17:16 pm, killing 75 people.

My dream:

2:30 am on Monday 22-sep-2009, would dream house painted white (hunch accident / death / disaster such as the Marriott), continue toward the tomb as guardian / berkeramat, my brother suddenly shouted from the fear, because he saw a large snake for black and white calf lace dress, and the snake wrapped around the body of my brother (husband of Sumatra), but eventually escape and jump out off the road about 50 meters into the semi-darkness and transformed to be human and say "yes occasionally be digitukan because I rarely come here (maybe this is the angel who told me), my brother was kept there lying on the floor like a hard and difficult to wake, but eventually got up and said "go ahead"



Killing of terrorist Noordin Mohammad Top 17 September 2009

Noordin Mohammad Top (born in Kluang, Johor, Malaysia, August 11, 1968 - died in Jebres, Surakarta, Central Java, Indonesia, 17 September 2009 at age 41 years) is considered to be the person responsible for the spate of terror attacks in Indonesia.

My hunch: that day, suddenly, I forgot to bring a laptop adapter but have never before left, so once I get shocked at the office, why can not forget, in my heart what's yah?, Apparently after it can be captured top news nurdin m and died, oo .. This may be, the laptop can not die because the flame alias adapter does not exist.


Mentawai flooding Mandailing Natal North Sumatra,

My dream:

I am between the conscious and dreams on Saturday 12 September 2009 saw the flood and the flood was fast flowing and there are shacks house collapsed behind me. After that I got word that in Mandailing Natal North Sumatra there were 15 victims lost 40, 2000 the head of families homeless, 2 hours Tuesday night sept 15, 2009, which coincided with the landslide on the island of Java 15-09-2009



Fires in California Wednesday 26-Aug-2009

Info from TV Thursday 27-Aug-2009 in the metro TV, Fires in California starting on Wednesday as well, 10,000 homes are threatened and many of the victims.

My dream: I was in a house environment of the hills are my friends and I met a school in America, and saw two men whose body was thin like a book, and look like a grass fire scars.

clip_image062 clip_image064


Edward Ted Kennedy dies, Wednesday 26 Aug 2009.
INILAH.COM, Washington - brother of former U.S. president John F Kennedy, Edward, died at the age of 77 years because of cancer. Known as Teddy Ted and was familiarly called, is the youngest son at the same time last brother of the president.
Senator Edward Kennedy, who came from the U.S. Democratic Party is the last symbol of a charismatic icon in the world of U.S. politics. They color the stage of the U.S. administration in the 1960s, when John was president and another brother, Robert, served as New York senator.
My dream: Wednesday's early morning hours of 3 26-Aug-2009 look like a pyramid graves on a small hill in the west.


Earthquake in Padang and the Mentawai 17-Aug-2009
On Saturday night 14-Aug-2009, my sister in law told his dream: "Yesterday I saw a huge snake, very scary," said I probably would be good luck ". Then on Sunday I saw on TV there in the Mentawai Earthquake, I still have not ngeh (dream snake = quake) ... Then this morning 17-Aug-2009 My wife also told me a story "Pah had a dream saw a huge snake as there are flowers that are red, white and made a lot of toys ridden by children" and I say may be earthquake foreboding house, yesterday also sister in law saw a big snake, I see on television kept the news earthquake in Padang-Mentawai. After that I saw in the head-line News Metro-TV was in the Sumatra earthquake aftershocks are still there until 13 aftershocks, with the dead.


Storm Morakot in Taiwan

Hurricane, China evacuate 1 million people

Sunday, August 9th, 2009 at 17:22:00

Tuesday, 11/08/2009 00:09 AM
31 Killed in Attack Cyclone Ramadhian Fadillah - Detiknews

My dream: a dream to see the floating village in the middle of the river to the north, and after seeing the reality maroket storm washed away the buildings to the river.



Fires in Greece Italy already close to Athens (Sunday 23-Aug-2009).

My dream watch from afar in the west looked dark and saw two fires, possibly Italy and Athens


Death of WS Rendra Friday, 07 Aug 2009 12:37 pm
Also Boediono Salati Rendra Novi Christiastuti Adiputri - Detiknews

Funeral preparations Rendra
Depok - Vice Boediono came to mourn the poet and playwright WS Rendra. He also participated mensalati corpse was in the Masjid Nurul Yaqin.
Death of champion Surip Tuesday, 04 Aug 2009 23:49 pm Cloudy weather accompanied Liang's body to champion Surip Lahat Nugraha Rodiana - Detiknews
Bomb blast at the JW Marriott and Ritz Carlton Hotel, South Jakarta, Friday, July 17, 2009 13:04 PM
Bomb also rocked the Ritz Carlton hotel resulted in the broken glass. Cahyo Bruri Sasmito / Rumgapres.
Victims were injured as many as 57 people consisting of 18 foreigners and 39 Indonesians.
Because the bomb blast in JW Marriott, MU Cancel to Indonesia
Arrival Manchester United is considered high risk by the promoter, after the explosion at the Ritz Carlton, Jakarta, this hotel where the team is scheduled to be a red devil to stay in Indonesia. Sir Alex Ferguson's side have come up in Kuala Lumpur, Friday (17/7)
Death of Michael Jackson Dead As a Muslim , 25 June 2009
Michael Jackson dies a Muslim dead 25 June 2009 press confernce Jermaine Jackson about the
Jermaine Jackson talks about finding Peace and contentment through Islam.
Jermaine also talks about his love for Muslims and his desire to live in Muslim countries. He has found great peace and calm through his Islamic beliefs and love of Allah. He ...
Situ Gintung tragedy Friday, 27/03/2009 06:40 AM
Dike Lake in Cirendeu broken, Dozens of Houses Submerged Laurencius Simanjuntak - Detiknews.

Jakarta - Dike Gintung lake, Cirendeu, South Jakarta burst, Friday (27/3/2009) at around 2:00 pm. As a result, dozens of homes around the submerged dike.
My hunch: the time I clean the magic jar into which a lizard, because it was a foul smell I wash and soak Rinso and finally flushing the flask was completely destroyed due to short-circuit electronic components, clean but not destroyed unusable.
A cluster bombs thrown by Israeli forces into the heart of Gaza 01/01/2009
Gaza conflict entered its sixth day
Israeli warplanes attacked the parliament building in Gaza, while Hamas rockets landed deep inside Israel.
»97.08% relevance |  01/01/2009   | World News

A cluster bombs thrown by Israeli forces into the heart of Gaza. The Israel blindly

Reuters / Baz Ratner.
My dream: I was at an evening 3-Such a dream was sentenced to a barrage of fireworks and I was terrified, saying Allohu grand - grand Allohu and then I saw on the internet the next day to the Palestinians attack Israel using cluster bombs like the one below.
Tsunami Banda Aceh, Monday, December 26, 2005
Earthquake and Tsunami Destroy, Meluluh-bullion for about 80% ground Banda Aceh, including the destruction of infrastructure, building, Death Toll reaches hundreds of thousands of people.
Dated December 26, 2004, Aceh (Aceh Darussalam Naggroe) and parts of North Sumatra has a 8.9 scale earthquake ritcher, at 8 am, about 30-60 minutes later the tsunami with a height of 3-5 meters. Epicenter of the west coast of Sumatra. The highest earthquake in the history of the 20th century. Regarding the country of Thailand, west coast of Malaysia, Sri Lanka, India Coastal beaches, Myamar, African coast. Casualties, property which is quite a lot. The majority of victims were Indonesian.
Victim Died 173. 981 Life Banda Aceh, 25/01/05: The number of victims who died from the earthquake and tsunami in Aceh and North Sumatra reached about 173. 981 people (173 741 people in Aceh and 240 people in North Sumatra) and 89 832 of them have been buried. (Data from the Ministry of Health at 8:24 pm on January 23, 2005). Injured 2512 people receiving inpatient and outpatient 55 011 people.
My dream: I dream of my home a mess of new stuff I owned was destroyed, burning black, and dark. After that I preach to the family to be careful afraid something, but after that I heard there was a tsunami in Aceh .. (In my heart oo .. maybe this)
D. Short Spiritual Experience (hunch of Dreams, Hunches by Nature Around)
Hunch that Allah gave to me there are two forms, namely through dreams and through the objects around me (object-falling-jelebet beletak, broken, while the equipment is not functioning, jammed, damaged by a sudden and accidental, of books, newspapers, magazine, people). Hunches as though it usually tells me there will be events in the near future that concerns me a good little things / trivia and great things of concern to many people (about myself, but my events page kampong in Jakarta, the incidence in -abroad, waiting for transport over time, such as the death of Bah's death today Surip 04-Aug-2009 there is also a gut feeling, etc.), and when I noticed the rare event that there is no gut feeling so I'm always wary when it happened and then I do not be surprised, shocked and sometimes strange smile because his gut feeling was there before and the soul felt calm again if there is an alarming premonition or a dream. Subhanalloh-thanks our Allah-Wala-Ilahaillalohuwallohu-Akbar.
The time distance between a hunch and a real incident time is not long distance is only about an average of one day only (can be in units of minutes / hours / day, rarely a week or a month, I even had time to really think it's just a hunch why the short term, infrequently-term panjang seperti ramalan, mungkin hikmahnya adalah agar hati saya tidak terganggu dengan firasat itu berlarut-larut jadi hari itu juga sudah ada jawabannya ”Ohhh ini pantesan tadi ada firasat itu...., biasanya saya merasa tenang bila jawabannya sudah ada, dan tidak menunggu wait for another ").
In my family about a dream foreboding enough attention including me since the age of high school I often read books and dream interpretation August-2009 until now, I've got some patterned symbols of dreams that would be in interpreted as a sign of something fun , sad, be vigilant, be postponed until the solution / way to menhadapi / anticipate events that might occur.
As if my football dream was a sign of success and I am happy and it can be said to be 100% true, if dream to see the color yellow, a sign of failure and eggs are also nearly 100% truth is rarely wrong, if the dream television, clock, swimming is a sign of what we plan / want / need to make still longer time to achieve even in the heart will quickly be taken lightly done, the truth is almost 100%.
If you dream to see the meat, eat meat, slaughtering goats there will be a sign that the news of death and the truth is also mostly true although I dare not say 100% correct. If I dream bertelpon usually invite anyone, even though their co-operation deal or not, but sometimes the first sign there, told to do something, the truth is almost 100%.
If I'm in a dream embarrassed by the usual signs there who admire, respect, praise be, but the truth about 75% only. If my dreams down means a sign of grief, humiliation, decline, harassment etc.. If you dream to see the dark omen must be vigilant, do not do, there are disasters (floods, wind Putting Beliuang, Great Fire). Seeing bamboo dream or something made of bamboo sign there will be a fight, or something that a lot of talk ill of the truth is almost 100%.
When a dream saw a fire, no fire or a major hurricane, fights, there is usually a sign of anger, violence at work or with others, but if the fire is extinguished, then usually the anger will not drag on, the truth of the foreboding This dream can achieve nearly 100%.
When the Big Snake dreams can mean a hunch there would be earthquake although I have not studied more about this dream, but most often associated with earthquakes, such as in Padang Mentawai from yesterday to today's 16 and August 28, 2009 is continuing and no deaths . Snake dreams are usually small or standard size paper to be good luck but I have to be vigilant, because I also do not know the exact pattern of a gut feeling about this.
When a dream to see the red sign of anger, a sign of the success of green, yellow sign of failure, white misfortune caution sign, wearing a white dress is not perfect (like a shroud-like, etc.) should be cautious might be a sign of life-threatening we performed against our enemies. Truth be said to be 80% for me.
When dreaming about Cats sign people I've known / friends character as well behind the front cat burglar and if the dream dog person worse moral ugly, rude, but if the duck is usually the person is willing, the truth for this is almost 100% .
Sandals or shoes dreams presage loss of sadness, frustration. Shalat dreams presage difficulties, difficulties in truth almost 100%.
Twitch your right hand sign of unexpected spending, twitching in the legs move true harbinger of almost 100%.
In addition to a dream that had caught shaped pattern of symbols, there is also a dream in the form of other symbols into my question, there is also a dream that really the same / similar to aslinnya events, like when I dreamed about my family in the village often the same page of what I dreamed about with a scene that is being or has been happening in my family, and this all happened spontaneously repeated as a pattern of consistent notification system is never wrong or forget, do not lie and do not be fooled, a lot of guesswork or chance. There are also dreams that do not yet know the meaning and impact of this may be just a dream that does not have noticed, because the dream for a Muslim is not all true and not all wrong.
Usually when I dream I think I'm ugly refuge with Allah and hopefully my family survived and immediately starting reinforcements bersodaqoh way to the mosque or the singers and Thank God I am safe till the evening, but even though I already know there are bad premonition dreams I also lazy to bersodaqoh, starting reinforcements or no reinforcements had to decline there will usually unpleasant incident happened to me or the family, but I take the lesson that Allah is great force, great will, great planners and decided his will, not dependent on my / his creation as a creature that is not nothing before Him the Mighty and brave as well as unparalleled in the universe (Allohu-Akbar).
If I had a dream symbol is usually better to wait and I like it in the end there was no answer from the dream "ohh .. this ".
In addition to the forms also exist in the form of dreams through the objects around me, and usually means a feeling ugly (there will be events upset, anger, sadness, loss, death is not a close relative, damage, quarreled with his wife, humiliated, etc.), such as items arrive suddenly falls (spoons, dishes, clothes, makakan etc.), computer failure or a sudden hang, HP does not die or the button befungsi while, Flash-disk does not work or be in the format, the loss of a loved goods, laughing, proud of myself, etc., feeling it could be said to be true almost 100% but its impact will not be too big for me but for others may be quite large as when the connection with the news of death and I could not refuse reinforcements about this because it happened spontaneously and usually was in the house did not have time for charity to others and I just surrender to Allah Ya Allah, forgive me it is up to Allah was yaa .. (Depending on the will of Allah, whatever would I let go please).

E. Detail Some Spiritual-Related Experience:
I mentioned the description below of the year 2009 when I wanted to write to Mr. SBY will but did not proceed, not all of them I mentioned that my work a lot so limited time to write, my hunch wlaupun utmost continues to this day Saturday, June 9, 2012.

a. hunch earthquake will occur in the North-West Sumatra, Padang-Mentawai (16,17,18-Aug-2009)
This paper is probably the last post I mentioned that since the number of premonition or a dream of mine that seemed inexhaustible when associated with the unfortunate events in the world and now the devastating fires in Greece that Italy was near Athens (Sunday 23-Aug- , 2009). (This paragraph was written 23-August-2009)
On Saturday night 14-Aug-2009, my sister in law told his dream: "De Aa saw a snake yesterday was huge, very afraid ..", said I would probably be good luck .. ". Then on Sunday I saw on TV there in the Mentawai Earthquake, I still have not ngeh (dream snake = quake) ... Then this morning 17-Aug-2009 My wife also told me a story "Pah had a dream saw a huge snake as there are flowers that are red, white and made a lot of toys ridden by children" and I say may be earthquake hunch mah .., sister in law yesterday also saw a big snake dream, I continued to look at any television news earthquake in Padang-Mentawai. After that I saw in the head-line News Metro-TV was in the Sumatra earthquake aftershocks are still there until 13 aftershocks, with the dead, and I immediately starting reinforcements give alms to the mosque hopefully we saved on this day which coincides with HUT RI to 64 and when I write a hunch this point, that seems never-ending accident and I must add my writing back on the accident scene because I consider important. (This paragraph was written 17-August-2009)
b. hunch Death of grandparent Surip (Songs Not Wear Where-where).
Was the first in the points d write about the election, but because this letter is in the process of writing and coincident with his death today (Tuesday 04-Aug-2009: 10.XX), and he also became the center of attention, including Pak SBY say condolences. Maybe if I associate with my gut feeling is that every day of his death at 7-9 o'clock in the morning I used to record the talk show radio station in Jakarta by Flash-player, the first recording session work despite intermittent (2 parts in one session), but the The second recording session failed miserably and I was shocked when I record a second before I noticed the file size is sufficient for the duration of 1 hour, then I let it because they feel safe, after I checked again at 9, why not record , so I never mind when the will of Allah fikir I desperately need the tape (about this incident I do not mind, but little heart there is a suspicion, not only exaggerated never mind). Around 12 pm I saw on the news text goes on TV-One is written "Musicians grandparent 10.XX hours Surip Dead", I was shocked and immediately thought of my recordings that failed, "ohh pantesan today ... in my heart .. ". And if the associated event yesterday (Monday 03-Aug-2009) when I fill the Star-One 20 thousand but after going to use can not be in use on the phone from the outside can not, call out what else (well weird ... why in the liver I) after I check my hard-earned again was out of date .. ohh pantesan ... Then last night I was dreaming of a big fight with my sister to each other blasphemies, the next morning I immediately starting reinforcements give alms to the mosque, but I still had catastrophe would hit the barrier busway and grazed my bike at 6:30 (train collision hunch). Death of Bah Surip events coincide well with Collision Express Railway and Electric Railway in Depok Masinisnya sandwiched died 5 hours.
c. hunch Death of WS Rendra (Cultural, Indonesia's leading writer and actor died on Thursday 04-Aug-2009 at 22:00).
Premonition of his death he was after in the track-back backward when Mbah Surif is inkling of the first recordings made in two separate parts, the second recording failed miserably, the third record at 19:00 (Tuesday Nights 04-Aug-2009) failed miserably even though previous I've been trying to make sure to to be successful because of the record fails to hold this morning, but after 20:00 I checked again, and it was really not there anymore .. why yah ..!. why failure continues, I pensive whether the incident was not even an inkling Surip. Well after that I let it go though to myself there is a question that block. (Apparently there was news on Thursday after WR Renda died I immediately thought back ... Ooooh pantesan 2X 2x happened after that I was relieved, and perhaps hinting Allah will call the two men were well-known artists and the like are recorded and the recordings heard people)
d. hunch Election 2009 Election
Initially I was attracted by the vision, attitude and words of Pak Prabowo, the point I would vote for him because I consider him the most valiant, brave, great, thunderous, spectacular is my best choice of my observations among all presidential candidates, who have, and I think this is what will lead to significant changes (can be taken into account) of the Indonesian nation.
After I rounded minds to mencontreng Pak Prabowo, a sudden my "dream in his hometown, in the courtyard looks dark but there was Pak Prabowo closed the room chatting with people invisible Malaysia Pak Prabowo and his invisible". After this dream I terkaget and to myself, if so I would not choose it, might be my kampong people or the clergy in hianati by him as a symbol of Malaysia's always making her act that often hurt Indonesia, then I do not end up in his mencontreng H day of the election. And this hunch when associated with the day's events (16-Aug-2009) as terrorist Noordin M Top of Malaysia and the shootings at Jati Asih Bekasi by Detachment-88 I have own analysis, although there maze of information that a lot of controversy but I also have a personal assessment.
e. hunch Elections Commission Announcement Today (25-July-2009)
At night I dream of football before dawn, then about 8 o'clock my football dreams again and then I blew a red ball (previously I had never blow the ball and focus on the red ball ... but I remember this dream .. ).
After the next day was Election Commission announced the final vote tally and announcement of the winner if the election results be considered in the Commission's office is running smoothly (successfully), but there are candidates who do not agree and did not attend the alias symbol of angry red.
f. Firasat JW Marriott Hotel Bom-&-RitzCarlton (17 Juli 2009)
A. A week before the incident about 6 pm, I get an SMS coworkers do not know from where it is, "There was a bomb explosion at the plaza senayan on the 2nd floor, 60 people were killed and one person being lied to my friend's words:" shit lied ".
2. day before the bomb incident JW Marriott and Ritz Carlton at night I dream of being a passenger in a mini metro, from north to south and is located in the surrounding streets Rasuna Said Wisma Bakrie building or KPK, then suddenly there was a fight between or young thugs, so the state of panic and fear then I along with other passenger transport out of the mini metro as she hurried scared but thank God I survived, but the thugs chasing each other and do not know where their purpose there is a run to the south and there is the north and did not seem his fight. And when associated with today's 16-Aug-2009, I noticed an easy target for terrorists today are young people who can not even defend himself and his parents thought their children were not alleged to act as officers of Detachment-88 play it without the support serobot with sufficient information and facts needed for the data in court, whether it is called the apparatus profesionalan Indonesia. (This dream of a day before the incident the night, July 16, 2009)
3. Then on July 16, 2009 3 hours before the dawn of time's morning, I dream to see Mr. SBY is training high school sports all-white dress in the morning around 7-an, but the head of the pack SBY invisible visible only from the chest down due to blocked by the window, and I insisted, and took pains to see Mr. Yudhoyono finally clearly visible all of his body including his head. After that I held the raw meat that has been chopped into small pieces.
After that I told the dream in the morning to my brother why kak ya had a dream (like the above .... ....), said he was good when healthy sporting dreams ... yah but why SBY invisible head of the pack, keep a dream to eat meat anymore ... instead of meat like a dream when there is news of death? My word!, So hopefully it survived ... said my sister.
After the incident turned out to bomb I heard Manchester United football team to come to Indonesia because of thwarting terror and lead to disappointment some people who love football Indonesia including pack sisipkannya SBY is in the news-press conference after the event. But I do not know about UM and did not like watching sports of football, so I do not ngeh about this, but I am conscious of the dream after the bomb incident ohh .. Pak SBY pantesan sporting dreams.
For me that dream to eat meat it's usually a sign of a hunch there will be news of the death, and if connected with this incident very well that one was killed 9 people and not least because the body is not identified as the minced meat.
(The day before the dawn of time events, July 16, 2009)
Four. On Bomb Events (Friday 17-July-2009), I dream to be in day care vehicles, kept some people say to me, if this should be in the ransom of 20 thousand, 10 thousand words I wrote ah, not to the next There have to pay again, while my way to the other side of the road south from the first place, then in the middle of the road was guarded security old dark blue dress and a hat as usual clothes security, kept asking me: "Where are you going?", "I want to the Village I "ooh if you want to go there please, while he invited politely to pass through roadblocks objects but I am shy and hesitant because my bike was still in the parking lot was the first place.
After the dream and then I showered and left suddenly when I went to my kaka said, once you go, there was news on TV bombing incident in Brass in 2 places Hotel JW Marriott and Ritz Carlton ... similar to my dream of being in two places and had to pay 20 thousand in the dream, usually when I have nightmares I sodaqoh starting reinforcements usually average between 5-10 thousand to a nearby mosque, even 20 thousand that horrible dream, but in welcome to my dream survived by security even though I work not far from there.
Five. next day on Saturday (18-July-2009), approximately 9-an-hour in the morning I sleep, then dreams are on SBY pack in the field as the location of the JW Mariot on TV, then all of a sudden there are people aged about 40 years more by wearing a white felt hat of leather as it is commonly used by farmers' fields or gardens. He carried a long rifle-shot, and then on to the pack SBY SBY continued to pack emotional upset while holding his face mope-durja glared as though it's challenging to the shooter and the shooter getting angry and want to shoot Mr. SBY again, but then No one who broke it up and secured him the shooter and he said as he left the pack SBY "Hurt! ... Then to the north seems to have something diisu but in the continuation of the dream I did not catch it clearly because the trigger wake up from sleep .
Ooh then I tell you again to my brother that dream again, brother! gini had a dream ... (as above) ... Ohhhh yes mungikn hurt anyone in the election .... Then the next day (Sunday 19-July-2009) I went to my mother's hometown .... Then I told to my mother, "I dream house gini .. gini ..! ". Short stories when I was going home to Jakarta (Monday 20-July-2009) around 2 pm My mother preached to me, " the same as you .. yes! mama said Loren on TV he hurt anyone ..... "
6. Before dawn dawn of time, my dream would be killed as a knife / gun but can safely avoid it, then spit up 3x and read-binnas Falaq (26-July-2009: 3:00)
7. This morning there are people mad dreams as willing to revolt, which continued to exist cerulit no grip, then I hide in order not to use the earlier ones (26-July-2009: 8.00)
g. hunch death of Noordin M Top (red) on Saturday 08-Aug-2009 at 10.xx
I hope after this event, hopefully no longer news that the focus of our attention than good news. Because this news is quite the attention of all the world and even for me as well, including the important thought about it as for my gut feeling is as follows:
A. On Friday evening 6-Aug-2009 , I dreamed of playing football twice a dim dark place later big boss (President Director) where I worked in a dream angry and said "Beresin quickly ... Just do not talk! ".
2. On Friday morning, 7-Aug-2009 I told the dream to my wife, mah daddy was a dream .. football .. continue to be the big boss (President Director)!!, my wife says "Maybe daddy will be able to projects ..".
After that I went to the office, and I look forward to hearing the encouraging what will happen to me, minute by minute, hour by hour, how come there is not anything I think the good news / home office success until there is nothing quite satisfied encouraging, and I left work at 20.00 from the office.
When I got home I turn on the TV and I see no-Breaking News on Metro-TV about the "Siege of terrorist hideout in a house in Waterford Noordin M Top, East of Java" by Detachment-88, and I watch continues until late at night. Then it occurred simultaneously with the arrest of two terrorists in Jati Asih Bekasi.
Since I have been sleepy while still curious to see the arrest of Noordin M Top, but up at 12.30 the night have not been caught as well, finally I sleep and dream of the first "I see a Comedy Play kids games , pink on the Mall, then I go down the stairs. "
The second dream I dreamed of my friend who happens Nurdin same name, he is in the middle of his office with no less casual look nothing like being noticed something looked a little older.
Then early in the morning, Saturday 8-Aug-2009 direct me how to watch again later development was Noordin M Top has not caught on as well but he says his position is rumored to be in the bathroom, up to 10-an-hour because I have not been caught and sleepy then sleep again.
In bed I dream the dream again in "I dream of defecating in the closet , feces looks yellow and separated in two parts and then there are additional dirty cloth used in the closet , so I saw the Jiji and I told myself that if this fabric can not be used, then there is my deceased parents and he seemed angry ".
Then followed another dream, the dream that I saw many people walking the streets from west to east as already witnessed a happy event but not terllihat like home empty-handed, walk flock without a word spoken.
3. On Saturday morning, 8-Aug-2009 , I received a text message from my niece home, the contents of "Bang had a dream I saw Pak SBY and his Deputy's New looks like severe lethargy, sweating, black as coolie labor, after which Mr. SBY to sit in his chair with his deputy.
If the conclusions drawn from the results of a hunch this without interfering with the growing opinion in the community are as follows (full text points g and Analysis was written on Sunday, 09-Aug-2009 at 3 to 5 Afternoon Evening):
A. "Football Dreams 2 times and I'm the Boss By Angry Do It! Quick Clean up! ", A sign of success is Noordin M Top, and a suicide bomb in jakarta caught dead, but could have been anti-terror police are chasing payments for fear of being scolded and embarrassed the president by the people of the Marriott bombers Volume II has not been revealed, finally a way it must be as if it had , as if already catching terrorists, including by way of pretense.
2. "Dreams Looking Toys Such children Comedy Play", could mean the obvious cues do not need to be explored more in depth, namely: " Terrorist Arrest Games (Theatre / No True / fool a fool / lie etc.) "
3. "Dreams My Friend Named Nurdin and he seemed fine", could mean that surrounded the Chief of the district was not Noordin M Top genuine or fake and the original fine or ..
4. "Dreams are two parts of yellow dung in closet plus a shabby old filthy rags", can mean the color yellow mean failure, worn cloth could be interpreted that the bodies of the former body , it could be from the hospital or could have been a symbolic / non-existent because no one knows the public one.
5. "I dream in the toilet", Noordin was the last time was rumored in the bathroom.
6. My late father there, might be interpreted to explain his take on real events like this.
7. "Dreams are not many people seem happy", usually a feeling of sadness, death, chaos, but it seems many people are not satisfied with the results of Noordin's arrest this.
8. "Dreams nephew that Pak SBY was tired and sweaty", was Mr. Yudhoyono was exhausted by the hard work is reflected in his press conference speech that I heard from TV cuts more or less like this "It's been 5 years we worked hard with sweat together, but there are disturbing of security for dst "
h. hunch Terror Bombing of South Switching fence such as Bogor, Garut etc.
On Date 12-Aug-2009, "Dream Brother my brother in law told me that he had a job in the south and north, and his pants got dirty looks like wood and soil serbukan". It turned out that I saw on TV after bomb note issue be transferred to Bogor and Garut.
i. hunch Hurricane Marokat Taiwan from the date of 07.11, ..-Aug-2009
Dream occurred on Sunday / Saturday morning 8/9-Agst-2009, "Dreams see some people in the north was repairing the fort is on ships to prevent leakage, then saw a bunch of houses and many trees that form the basin bowl in the river / sea, it is unclear whether the house was set in the ship or not ... but I find it strange in the dream, how come there are houses on the sea ".
Monday 10-Aug-2009, when I had lunch at the office saw a storm in Taiwan High Hotel Great Buildings collapsed buildings crashing storms and hurricanes that swept away to the beach. Allohu-Akbar, and I immediately thought of Dreams page.
j. Hunches The existence of Pak SBY in Cikeas
I had a dream in the tunnel under the direction of Jl Salemba Scouts, in a state of being stuck, then I cried, "SBY Jakarta so it can not jam all the time, should be so-so ..., so he's in Cikeas" . Then continues after that, suddenly, I was in my mother's house, and being with my mother at solatnya, then outside to see there are people who are dhikr on the edge of my mother's neighbor's house is not air-roof. The man said, meditating and remembering, lailaaha-illalloh .... the sound is quite loud, in my heart that people remembering what the heck ...! while I was somewhat underestimate the hearts .. Congregation or what ...?!, Then the person is told to tell his teacher's teacher dzikirnya that so and so and he was dressed like a warrior in films such as tied-bun hair, wear a scarf, a chest appear, dressed in a half chest (but not clear as seen from a distance). After the story suddenly in the midst of the former home of someone dressing up in white and white-robed saints like ahhh .. and I was surprised teacher came incarnate, women continue to have a distance of one meter nungging of the teacher. After that his teacher suddenly turns into a white dagger as high as his teacher , and advanced slowly toward me and I was surprised to fear, aduhh ya mad at me, maybe because I was caught inside his teacher dismissed .. and kris is kept floating up to me .. duhh I am afraid of death will be killed by a dagger and the keris finally get kebadan me through the chest and left armpit and slowly get a little friction-sedit and it feels dibadan dagger hilt, and then finally disappearing invisible dagger, and I woke up from sleep because it is very shocked. (June-2009)
k. hunch Michael Jackson ( June 25, 2009 )
When there are events that come to my attention as if it is about to signal something will happen that is not encouraging (such as Hand-Phone, spoons, soap, computers, Flash-dish, etc., could fall accidentally, the file was damaged, disrupted component , the rope broke, and even damaged goods, computer dies, etc.), for this gut feeling that my phone is stored in the table, suddenly to slide a little and fell onto the floor beletak HP ...!! loud voice, and broken plastic strap clamp, astagfirulloh-adziim stuff ... what yah mah .... yes yes papa one anyway so carelessly kept falling .... ahh is not in the inter-relate with others, my wife said, because my wife if there was a falling object then I say yes there is anything mah ... like mad ... should not be confused with the other regular house fell aja ... not have anything to do with the others .. and he was pretty bored with my routine it is often linked the incident but would be true even if the note about 99% during this incident is true love there is no pleasure for me.
For this event I was mediocre ... but about a week after the incident there was news that shocked me on the radio that Michael Jackson died suddenly at age 50 years (25-June-2009), and followed by the death of my coworkers at the age of 37 years.
l. Often Dream With President
A. Ever dream of in a guest room while on the stand it, I met with Mr. and Mrs. Ani Yudhoyono (around May-2009)
2. My first ever search for employees, then I'm into my nephew for nyari in my hometown, that night I dreamed that Mr. Yudhoyono came to my house, sitting down and saying "do not be so ..!", Continues the next day that candidates come and escorted by my nephew to my house in Jakarta, later in the afternoon I went to the market for a while, then back again, but I was surprised that people from my village there is no home searched here and there does not exist, then the next morning my phone to the village, and turns out he's in the village ... ohh pantesan dream last night with Mr. SBY "would not be so ..!", in my heart that this really just be a dream to pack SBY?? (About a month Jan-2009)
m. hunch-Situ Gintung tragedy ( Friday, March 27, 2009)
Prior to the incident-situ Gintung, Magic Jar I like the stench of the carcass in it, but my wife and I are still allowed because the object ... invisible, but eventually after a few days because it was too disturbing smell, I wash it Majic-Jar So-Kliin with soap, clean my drain, inverted-reversed, watered, dikucuri water, finally found a dead lizard ... ohh is the cause of the smell, and the same all that time I clean the thermos because in it have a lot of rusty, black inside, flasks were shake-shake my use bleach water and soaked ... hose because it was fragile and broken ... After the magic jar and flask-washed, then Magic-Jar plugged into the mains but after a tampered-Jar Magic can not be broken ignition and until now could not be used, so even a thermos of hot water to this day can not be used because the hose does not exist Thermos sold in the market ... (After washing I have heard there Gintung flash floods). Cue washed and flush as possible about the people around them-Gintung much sinned against Allah, because I can on TV news that a broken ditanggul courtship was often used, does nasty etc, finally flush the village of Allah)
n. hunch First Air Attack on Palestinians Attack Israel Genesis Through Air ( 01/01/2009 )
Overnight before getting the news and pictures from the internet my dreams bombarded with bombs like fireworks round, yellowish, and I was difficult to avoid it and hit me, because it is difficult to avoid as-HU AKBAR say allo, allo-HU AKBAR ... . then woke up and I spit 3x left to be saved from the temptation satan ... Then tomorrow morning I open the internet,, and cluster bombs Israel turns an image similar to what I dreamed of ... Allohu-akbar ... Oooo my heart ...
o. hunch Paint Fire Fund Pain in Pulogadung . (Saturday 29-November-2008)
The day before the fire at the plant at night I dream Pulogadung, north of my village there are people who are doing the killing and murder on the road to my hometown of blood spilled, and then I slowly approached the place with fear, and saw a lot of blood and people lying covered in blood ... but I was forced to close it ... suddenly there are people carrying guns anymore but I want to slaughter the fight to help others to fight the butcher's, and I used a long bamboo pole to fight it and eventually it dipukulin sipembantai by me to death ... ahhh congratulations Alhamdulliah he was dead ...
Then the dream I was in the company to continue my sister in law and my towed by him and said "it's because of you" (that means if no then you will not know how or can only burn about paint factory in Pulogadung .. maybe .. ), then I take the elevator and the elevator's office was as red as blood and scary like a ghost image ... In my heart I really like this red color??. The day was Saturday and I have an appointment to the ITC Cempaka Mas to talk about the project plan with my friend, when the busway a call from my wife from work pah there was a fire, near the house was up to 15 meters from my house, wrote home pah ..! others have been at home from the office, oh mah how this was not an appointment with a good friend ... after I arrived at the ITC, oh if I run out of important documents like this ... yaaa .. have is the will of Allah, but usually when there are events I would like to be told by Allah bad hunch, but this time not ... ya .. I just let go .. I then remembered a dream last night there is carnage in the north (the north is the location from where I am) and I can fight and kill the murderer, ahh my heart was a bit quiet of Allah willing, hopefully signaling the survivors.
Then I returned to my home soon, to view or save my stuff, but Alhamdulillah new on the road again on the phone isitri that the fires were extinguished by the fire, my heart is glad, and I see the big trees around the factory paint dry and fall leaves , where I survived Thank God, whereas a distance of 1 km around the plant it was panic, had brought all the items out, beds, TV, etc. incorporated into the existing car, because the place was hot and smoky concentrated in a radius of proficiency level, my neighbor, too crying, aduuh ... how the house runs out ... he shed tears of his ... Thank God but I do not feel panic because they do not know what happened and the survivors, said he was the father of my maid went about 5 minutes, then there is a loud noise sounded like a bomb exploded darrrr ... then the people milling about frantically to save the treasure and his life, the distance of my house with a paint factory, about 1 kilometer. (Residents adjacent to the plant site and densely populated, it was far from the population by the TV when the surrounding dense population and close to home, the paint manufacturer should be moved to other places such as the industrial area)
p. hunch deaths of two children killed Sadam Husain of Iraq (American Aggression in Iraq).
Got word last night before he killed two children Sadam Hussein by the Americans, I had a dream in my village mosque west, saw two large cows being skinned has been cut (usually when the dream of sheep or something like that in slaughtered animals is a sign of a hunch there will be news of death) and it turns out the next day I got the news that two children were killed Sadam Husain. Innalillahi wainna-ilaihi rojiun.
q. hunch Events Earthquake and Tsunami in Aceh (Sunday 26-Dec-2009)
Before the Tsunami incident in my dreams my parents house about two days before the event or on Friday, in a dream that's one messy room looks like a bomb hit the floor and blackish color pages and dirty, in this dream that my new flashlight purchase of a block-M looks like shattered smashed flat on the roller conveyor stoom bulldozer, and the doors fall off. After the next day I immediately nelpon to the village and have to be careful and reinforcements contrary to my family because my bad dreams at night ... Then one day / two days later I could have news of the tsunami in Aceh that claimed the lives of thousands of people ... ohhh so pantesan dream ...
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F. Detail Main President Soekarno, Indonesia will hit Accidents to 2013

Title: Indonesia Disaster Will Hit Diman everywhere Until Year 2013
(According to former President Sukarno of Indonesia's first)
Source: Results of interviews with a young man on Main Page (Nov-2007)
Authors: Servant of Allah

Purpose: As a food for thought and reflection to be studied further for all the people of Indonesia to this day at the end of the calamities that have alternated with incessant in various fields (land, sea, air, flood, earthquake, volcanic eruption, severe weather, wind tornado, the ship sinks, etc.)
Print date: 08-Feb-2008 11:00 Hours

This paper is the narrative of a young teenager from Garut who meet and dialogue with the claims of former President Sukarno for about 15 minutes, coinciding exactly when the demo Garut Regent corruption cases to the KPK Jakarta in October 2007.
Two days before the month of Ramadan (October 2007), I went home Saturday, a Sunday, before returning to the Main Page group first stopped into the office demo KNPI Jakarta Branch, I was all alone after that evening's room suddenly visited by an old man, called the dream is not ! because of being literate, not called a dream! because emang not sleep, permulaanya this:
When I was in a room about 8 pm a sudden there is a saying " Assalaamual'aikum De, Ade do not shy away!, Mr. Ade will give the mandate to, you have some of the most valuable thing for the ring-shaped Garut, Ade would later find , it must be given to scholars in Garut because you still have not died, it's up to scholars from jumhur Ade, the famous scholar , yes sir!.
Once I set foot outside the house of a sudden I found a rock on the road with a ring coated photographic images of President Sukarno continued to burn because I do not believe and suspect that the ring is made of plastic but once burned his picture even more clearly visible, and finally I gave to the clergy in arrowroot.
At that time I asked Mr. Sukarno, "Just why Pak with Indonesia?, prosperous Indonesia Indonesia will not be chaotic, catastrophe will hit everywhere until 2013, after the year 2013 Indonesia will be prosperous, wealthy beyond as the first, the mandate of Mr.!.
Father was still in the area south of Main Page !, because I do not believe me any more questions about the existence of Sukarno, he said he said the key cuman one, there Tarogong area, there is a house that no longer inhabited, the people are gone do not know where, inside there are special rooms hawu ancient form (stove, cooking place made ​​of bricks with a wood fuel) is blocked by a broom stick that has not changed its position to the present, if the broom stick is changed or displaced or eliminated it will be out Sukarno, was opening!, if you want to see Sukarno, Sukarno said that Pak!.
He said: "Sukarno was still there!, 1000 Sukarno had a face! can men, women, the elderly, but children should be able to distinguish Soekarno especially in ear problems, ear high side (large side) ", I even dreamed of Mr. Soekarno high ear next to wear a high cap, ivory-colored dress wah gagahlah as shown in the photographs, said the young man.
then he said again: who knows the key you still have only one person in Indonesia estimated 140 years old does not know his name, knew from birth up to be president, often Sungkeman here. Arrowroot richest areas, all on the Main Page Main Page but can not use it. Arrowroot city diamond, diamond's clean, rich, expensive, diamond city can not be changed because of Garut like Intan town.
If carefully examined the words of the district Soekarno Arrow-Pak is one thing, Arrow-is rich in power resources from agriculture, natural gas (PLTU), mining (gold, titanium, precious stones, sand, iron, etc.) as new in exploration / exploitation in the south from the sea until Pameungpeuk Cikajang the slighted father Soekarno.
Photo image of Mr. Soekarno ring attached to the fingers:
G. Concluding Document

Almighty God control over everything then do not try to fight him and obey his orders could. The wrath of God no one can resist and defeat it. God is still there and consistently run the system in spite of his creation had forgotten the rules, which still tormented sinner, who still cared about doing good.

Language of the Bible says that God is aware that Torment Very Loud, Very Fast Calculations of God, Humans have an evil plan of God-even have a plan anyway, all-wise God, Oft-Forgiving, Most Compassionate and the Merciful, then repent and obey God that we survived world and the hereafter.

H. Talk about dreams, hunches, and Relation, Discussion About Accidents
The articles below I collected the results of browsing at for reference on hunches and dreams arguments and conclusions that I draw what it expresses is not much difference that I feel good with a premonition or a dream, for it sorry if my source is not include the url address it, and I thank you for the article May Allah reward.
Hadith narrated by Abu Hurairah, he said: From the Prophet that he said: When the apocalypse was near, the dream of a Muslim almost nothing she lied. One dreams of you that comes closest to the truth is the dream of the most honest in talking. Dreams Muslims are including one of the forty-five parts of prophethood. The dream was divided into three groups: a good dream, which is good news that comes from God. a sad dream, that dream came from the devil. And the dreams that come from whispers yourself. If one of you had a dream that is not fun, then he should get out of bed and prayed, and should not he tell the dream to others. He said: I'm happy when dreams are bound with rope and did not like it when a dream with neck chains. The rope is a symbol of constancy in religion. said Abu Huraira: I do not know if it includes the hadith or sayings of Ibn Sirin. (Saheeh Muslim No.4200)
According to the above hadith of the Prophet, dreams are divided into three sections namely:
· Dreams that come from God. These dreams are good dreams.
· Dreams that come from Satan. This dream is a nightmare
· Dreams that come from the promptings of self (dreams that came from the desire of lust, because as we all know that there are three passions, namely mutmainnah lust, passion and lust ammara lawwamah as complete click here -. dream like this happen kerana influence of the mind. Something what we do or who we fantasize about during the day or at bedtime that is always manifest when we are asleep)
The second type of the last dream can not be trusted. Hadith narrated by Abu Qatadah, he said: I heard the Messenger of Allah said: "The good dream is from Allah and bad dreams come from the devil. But when one of you an unpleasant dream, he should spit to the left three times and apply refuge in Allah from the evil that the dream will not be hurt " (Saheeh Muslim No.4195)
Anas bin Malik, he said: Messenger of Allah said: Dreams of a believer is to include one of the forty-six parts of prophethood . (Saheeh Muslim No.4201)
Hadith narrated by Abu Hurairah ra., He said: Messenger of Allah. He said: He who sees me in a dream, then he really has seen. Surely he can not reincarnate like me . (Saheeh Muslim No.4206)
Hadith narrated by Abu Qatadah ra., He said: Messenger of Allah. He said: " He who sees me in a dream, then he really saw something right (right) ". (Saheeh Muslim No.4208)
One thing to remember that dreams can not be prolonged on syariah law (within the meaning believing that the dream was a sign / signal is the occurrence of something in life). It's just a happy news or flower bed. No more than that. True dreams come from people who have never lied in his life. According to Ibn Al-Qayyim the more true the more correct one's life is a dream which she has suffered. Besides those who dreamed it should be in wudu (one thing to get used to me ...) and to sleep in a sacred, this corresponds to a tradition of the Prophet.
Not all dreams can be interpreted, what is the meaning contained therein. There are times when the wind like a dream, but some are actually true. Like the story of the Prophet Muhammad.
In a narrated history, a woman asked, "O Messenger of Allah, verily I dreamed I saw some of the king's body was in my house" . king replied, "Indeed Fatimah will give birth to a son, then you are going menyusukannya" . Not long after giving birth Fatimah Hussein and disusukan by the woman. (The book The Interpretation of Dreams, Ibni Sirin)
So really the dream can be interpreted, but not everyone is able to interpret the truth. Recognized the existence of dreams in Islamic Law. While science to mentakwilkan, mentakbirkan or interpret it is still a deviation case (there are still differences of opinion) by the scholars. There are many scholars who want to explore the issue takwil or interpretation of dreams, but not many of those who know.
Al-Imam Ibn Syahin, in the preamble to his book Al-Fi Signals Ilmi al-'Like, say:
"Islam railed witchcraft because they only Allah who knows the unseen problems. I avoided science like that and not meminatinya, and I want to create a book that can menbedah supernatural matters that should be recognized by the Personality, namely science and ta'bir takwil dream. "
(Adapted from various sources)

Do Ilham, Hunches, Dreams, and Kasyaf (See Something unseen) to cite this as a proposition?

In the Arab Lisanul [4] stated: "Inspiration is that GOD placed in one's life something that can be pushed to do or leave something, and it includes the kind of revelation to him who specializes GOD wills among His servants, His . "
By: Fadhilatu Shaikh, Dr Yusuf Al-Qaradawi [1]
Is Ilham It?
Mentioned in the Qur'an in the form of ficil Madhi (past tense verb) which is in Surat ash-Shams 7-8: "And for the soul and perfected, then IA INSPIRATION to the bad roads and ketaqwaannya him."
In Al-Mu `jam [2] described the meaning of the verse:" GOD instilled in the soul that feeling that can distinguish between error and instructions. "This meaning is based on the history of previous mufassir like Mujahid, etc. about the meaning of this paragraph. Perhaps in the present ordinary people call it a dhamir (conscience).
In the dictionary Al-Muhith, noted: "GOD inspires her goodness, namely IA teach him." The book of pen-Sharh Al-Az-Zubaidi Muhith namely [3] says: "Inspiration is what is placed in the liver in the form abundant and specific with something that comes from GOD or from the Angels. "It says:" Putting something in the heart, the heart becomes calm, and therefore it is devoted by the servants of GOD for HIS desired. "
In the Arab Lisanul [4] stated: "Inspiration is that GOD placed in one's life something that can be pushed to do or leave something, and it includes the kind of revelation to him who specializes GOD wills among His servants, His . "
In the Sharh Aqeedah Nasafiyyah [5] stated: "Inspiration is to plant something in the heart in abundance." While in the At-Ta'rifat [6] puts it: "Inspiration is what is instilled in the hearts of an abundant way." While in the An-Nihayah [7] says: "Inspiration is that GOD put in command of one's soul is roused to do or leave something and it's the sort of revelation that is devoted by GOD to anyone who wishes among His servants of His . "
Meanwhile, in the chapter-da-TSA limit it menyitir a Saheeh Hadeeth [8]: "It was there in the past people, people muhaddatsun, and if any one of ummatku, it was Umar bin Khattab." And I said, [9 ]: "The interpretation of this hadith is that they are the people who provided inspiration & the person who provided the inspiration is put something in his past of which it is made aware of an arrangement or a hunch. It is sort of something that was consecrated by God to anyone who is required from the slave HIS HIS chosen, for example, Umar, as if delivered talks to them and they say it. "
From the above definition it can be concluded that: Inspiration is the delivery of a meaning, the mind or the nature of the soul or heart - it is up to what are called - in abundance. That is GOD Almighty created him dharuri knowledge that he can not resist it, that is not the way to learn but it devolved into the soul not because of his will.
Differences in the inspiration and tahdits by Imam Ibn al-Qayyim [10] that is more specific tahdits of inspiration, based on the hadith of `Umar Bukhari above, so that each tahdits is an inspiration but not every inspiration is tahdits. A believer (human mukallaf) will be awarded according to level of inspiration of his faith in GOD Almighty, as mentioned in these verses:
And We inspired the mother of Moses that if Erdaah Volekaya eased him in the sea does not fear nor grieve you, and surely Radoh Jaaloh from senders
"And We inspired the mother of Moses: Breastfeed him, and if you worry about it, then throw him into the river (Nile), and do not worry and do not be (too) sad, Because Surely we will return it to you, and make it (one of ) of the apostles. "(Surah Al-Qashshash, 28/7)
As revealed to the disciples to believe in me and they said Brcoli safe and I bear witness that we are Muslims
"And (remember) when I AM inspired the faithful followers of Jesus, Believe in Me and Mine Messenger. They said: We believe and bear witness (O Messenger) that we are the people who adhere (to call) ". (Surah Al-Ma'idah, 5/111)
And can also be given to a creature that is not mukallaf, as in His word the other;
And your Lord inspired the bee habitations in the mountains of houses and trees and what they erect
"And your Lord revealed to the bee: Make the nests in the hills, in the trees, and in places where man-made." (Surah An-Nahl, 16/68)
Inspiration, vision, dream, and cite this as a hunch Not Be Hujjah Syari'at
Consensus of the scholars of usul that inspiration, a hunch, a dream and vision, all that is not proof of shari'ah in both charitable and religious issues especially the issue i'tiqad (Aqeedah). The scholars of fiqh usul Ushuluddin and have consensus on this issue, they reject those who regard it as evidence and reject everything that is based on him. An-Nasafi [11] said: "According to the Ahl-ul-haqq inspiration is not one of the causes of the causes to find out the truth of something."

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Twitch, As the Hunches Really?
And unto GOD shall ye sole trust, if you are really believers. "(Surat al-Maa'idah: 23)
Once a 'religious scholars' suddenly stopped his discourse and said: "There is a mengunjing me, the proof , twitch my ears. "you believe that the conclusion of the religious scholars?
Maybe you've had a twitch, namely the existence of fast vibration on certain body parts. Arrival of a sudden, and uncontrollable movements. Perhaps then this is where people make the variety interpretation kind of twitch. For every twitch limb has a different interpretation.
That said, if the whole body twitches, that's the sign will face many affairs. If only the left side of the head just means it will get sustenance 'windfall'. If the head of the right that twitch, meaning that many people will get credit. If the eyebrows are twitching a sign he will meet with the person loved. Another case is when the skin twitching right eye, said she would cry because it will get a painful event. They say that the auricle twitch is a sign of people talk about ugliness.
So it went on, people make the interpretation of the twitch of the crown to toe. He said the twitch in the crown is the address will be appointed to be a leader, while twitch ditumit sign he would be concerned and work hard.
For people who believe truth that twitch carry certain signs, then he will be hoping against hope it gets good when the twitch on the parts that are thought to bring good. And when the twitch is bad signal, then the heart will be worried about the evil that will befall him.
hunch Indeed There is
no denying the 'ulama of foreboding that is owned by the believers, let alone a hadith of the Prophet Muhammad narrated by At-Tirmidhi, which reads, "Be careful with his gut feeling believers, because he saw the light of GOD." (Narrated by Tirmidhi, Gharib )
Ibn Qayyim Al-Jauziyah including scholars who confirm the existence of a feeling for the Muslims, as seen in his works. Among which he said was, "Those who keep dhahirnya by following the Sunnah, to keep his heart with muraqabah, keeping his eyes from the unlawful and prevent the desires of the doubtful and eat (only) of a lawful, his hunch was not necessarily wrong. "
It's just an inkling of the nature and how it is different from what is understood by those who believe in a relationship with a twitch of the events will occur.
Al- Hafiz Al-Mubarakfuri in Tuhfatul Ahwazhi bi Sharh jami 'Tirmidhi, as explained above hadith states: (a feeling) can have two senses, Dhahir seerti seen in the hadith, which is a feeling that GOD slipped in the hearts of His guardians, so they know condition of a person as part of karomah, or have a precision of insight, conjecture and stability. The second meaning, he mendaptkan (gut feeling) is based on experience, circumstances, ata habitual behavior that can be known with the human condition.
the scholars did not mention that it comes with a hunch signal of a certain body movements (twitches), a specific wind direction or a particular bird. even twitch associate with a particular event is more appropriate to say tathayyur which is shirk.
In language it is derived darikata meaningful Thair birds, namely to predict events based on the sound of birds. But that sense the term also covers the whole belief that links specific events with a certain sign that the scientific and syar'i nothing to do, then it is used as a reference to step or undo an action. Actions include shirk. Imam Ahmad ibn Amr narrated the hadith of "Those who imprison his business because tathayyur, then he has committed shirk." (Narrated by Ahmad)
Nothing to do with the ear twitch menggunjingnya in far away places, both scientifically and in syar'i. so do not be sad because we deserve to wait calamity that would occur after a twitch signal, or discouraged either because of a twitch.
manipulated the results of the brain that links the twitch with a particular event can be said superstition. Because khurafatI derived from the word meaning a significant kharaf a confused mind. While the one defines the term as a fairy tale, the issue of tau rumor with no evidence of its truth.
There is also a history that mentions the origin of the superstition. Aisha said, "One day the Prophet told me in front of his wife, and one of them said, 'O Prophet, the story is just superstition! ' The Prophet asked, 'Do you know whether it's superstition? There was a man of Udzrah being held by the genie in the first period of ignorance, then the person is living with jin for months. After that he returned to human nature, and then she told the people about the miraculous events that happened, then people say: 'That's the story superstition.''' (Narrated by Ahmad)
superstition could also mean a conviction resulting from the fiction, fantasy, or brain-tweaking of people who associate with each event another without scientific basis and syar'iyah. Another term that may be close to the superstition myths go round.
Embassy is not a sign of anything. Moreover, because the occurrence can be explained medically. twitching of the eyelids, for example, it could have been due to neurological disorders in eyelid so that the muscles in the eyelid to contract rhythmically, had nothing to do with the events experienced.
Although sometimes after he's such a twitch in the hand and then after that he received money. Genesis is just a coincidence that there is no relationship at all. It could be he received the money because his previous work and earn wages, the job that caused him to earn money, not because of a twitch in the hand.
GOD had been warned not to guess the unseen matter, "And most of them do not follow but conjecture only. Indeed it is not the slightest inkling useful to reach the truth. "(Surah Yunus: 36)
Source: Ar-Risala no. 38 of 2004
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Bashirah and Hunches
Bashirah, eyes ... heart, mind's eye ...
Concepts related to bashirah hunch. Bashirah literally means perception, intelligence, wisdom and testimony. Bashirah definition is an open eye and depth perception, and as a consequence of the ability to see when bebuat, or the ability to look ahead
    Bashirah is a source of spiritual knowledge is acquired through the notion of involving reflective and inspirational spirit of the reality of all things. Because of this understanding dipeoleh through divine light, resulting in tangled reasonable quality. This understanding is gained without the need to find first evidence of such scientific truth.
    Well, of bashirah this will bring people into the depths of enlightenment so that they understand the material and non material, and his consciousness into existence with which he saw. when this bashirah aktf where perception has become knowledge, it is called a hunch.
    People who have a hunch will be open to the manifestation of divine light, not to be confused when you see a conflict elemen2.
    Through this premonition of existence is a book whose pages do not count, the sentence emit thousands dani meaning each person is a hidden reality. The messages are delivered sometimes not revealed, but the surprise waiting in the hereafter, which can not be diindrawikan in the world.
Http :/ /
Hunches proposition
Evidence for this is the word of Allah Subhanahu Wata , | a la , say, "Surely, in that there are actually signs (keuasaan us) to those who watch for signs." ( Hijr: 75) Some scholars say that this verse was revealed to the physiognomist.
Article: Bulein Annur - Hikmah Al-Quran & Hadith Pearl
Little about the premonition
Wednesday, March 7, 07
When the liver has a relationship with Allah Subhanahu Wata , | the style and the members of the body work to do obey Him by abstaining from the things forbidden Him, then He will grant the light into the heart with which he can distinguish between haq and vanity, among honest people and people who lie.!
Owner hearts and limbs like this, look through the light of God's essential Subhanahu Wata , | ala . Prophet sallallaahu , ¥ alaihi wasallam said, "Verily Allah has servants who recognize the man with the watch for signs of (a hunch)." (Dihasankan Shaykh al-Albani) inner knowledge and grace as this is often called the cleric a hunch pious.
Some scholars said: "Hunches are bersitan first (to myself), without opposition; if there are opponents of its kind, the so-called hadith an-nafs (inner voice), not a hunch. "
One of the scholars said: "Hunches just going through the planting of the faith. forever, there will be no inkling without faith. Faith likened to a plant because he was always growing, growing, and clean with the spray, fruit can be generated every time the permission of Allah Subhanahu Wata , | the style , its roots are firm and its branches (tower) to the sky. Those who growing faith in the 'earth' his heart is good and clean and watered with 'water' sincerity, honesty and mutaba'ah, the majority of men are feeling. " Hunches Evidence for this argument is the word of Allah Subhanahu Wata , | style , that is, "Surely, in that there are actually signs (we keuasaan) for those who watch for signs." ( 75) Some scholars say that this verse was revealed to the physiognomist. On the word "al-Mutawassimin" in this verse, Ibn al-Qayyim may Allaah have mercy say, "Mujahid rahimahullah said, '(They are) Experts hunch.' Ibn 'Abbas radi , ¥ anhu said, 'Expert Nazhar.' Qatadah rahimahullah said, 'People who take heed.' Muqatil rahimahullah said, The people who think., ¨ Commenting on these meanings, he said that it is one of the qualities of a believer, a part of the glory that God bestowed on him, the fruit of faith, and part of the reward of good deeds carried out the culprit. In another verse, Allah Subhanahu Wata ' ala says, meaning, "And if We willed, We shall show them to you, so you can really get to know them by their marks. And you will really know them of metaphors to their word and Allah knows your deeds. " (Surah Muhammad: 30). Origin hunch this is life and light bestowed Allahƒnkepada anyone from the servants He wills, so that his heart is shining. For further hunch would never misses as Allah Subhanahu Wata , | a la ƒnyang another. (Read: 'am :122-123). Some righteous people say, "Anyone who meets the following outer and inner sunnah with muraqabatullah (being watched Allah Subhanahu Wata , | la ), holding his gaze from forbidden things, restrain himself from carnal-lust, and used with kosher food, the gut feeling will never miss. "Ibn al-Qayyim rahimahullah said, "The secret of this, that an act be repaid in kind terms. Any person who screwed up his view of what God has forbidden, Allah He will replace it with a similar, better than him. As he has light curb his views of things are forbidden, then releasing the inner light of God and his heart so he can see with what can not be seen by people who take his eyes but did not curb it from the things forbidden, Allah Subhanahu Wata , | a la . " A hunch is only owned by one believer while in addition believer does not have an inkling but ignorance and illusion. So too, a distinction between a hunch and prejudice (Zhann), because it could prejudice is wrong and right; can occur with keta'atan or disobedience; with heart a live, sick or dead and there among the unclean. It is as Allah Subhanahu Wata , | a la , say, "O ye who believe, avoid most of suspicion, indeed some suspicion is a sin." (QS . al-Hujurat: 12) Expert Expert Foresight is a virtue and piety As mentioned above, when a servant close to his Lord, then He will bestow His nur him. It is like the Hadith Qudsi, "And it's not my servant bertaqarrub to Me with anything more than I love what I have enjoined upon it, and Always be my servant to Me bertaqarrub with practice-practice sunnah, until I love him; if I had loved him, then I was hearing with which he hears, vision which he saw, the hand with which he hit, he walked with her ​​foot. And if he asks Me, surely I would give it and when he took refuge in Me, surely I must protect it , K " ( There is no doubt that the Companions are part of this people the most get a ration of these properties because they are the people most devoted his heart, at least in his science and his least Takalluf (overload yourself beyond the limit). They are the generation who have chosen Allah Subhanahu Wata , | a la ƒnuntuk accompany His Prophet and enforce His religion in which Abu Bakr al-Siddiq and Umar al-Faruq radi , ¥ anhu stood guard at the front. While in general, then as said Ibn Mas'ud radi , ¥ anhu , "The most sharply hunch there are three : al-'Aziz to Joseph when he said to his wife (QS.Yusuf: 21); Syu'aib prophet's daughter , ¥ alaihissalam ( 26) and Abu Bakr radi , ¥ anhu to Umar ibn al-Khattab radi , ¥ anhu sabagai appointed as his successor Caliph. At that time, there is said to him, O Abu Bakr § O Caliph of Allah, if you picked the leader of the hardest for us.? Do you not fear Allah?, ¨ So he cried and said,, § Had to ask my Lord to me, I would say to him, O Lord, I have raised for them the most gracious of them. This is what I know: if it is replaced and modified, so I was not aware of things unseen. "After that, there is Umar al-Faruq radi , ¥ anhu and the wife of Pharaoh, Asiya, as spoken of the Prophet sallallaahu , ¥ alaihi wasallam about it (HR . al-Bukhari, Abu Musa from the radi , ¥ anhu ). Similarly, as contained in the letter of al-Qasas, which is a complement of four verses in the Qur'an regarding the hunch. Example Genesis hunch - hunch Umar ibn al-Khattab radi , ¥ anhu : It is not he saying something, § I think, ¨ but occurred as he said. One major evidence is that so many verses down approve of what he had said, among the prisoners of Badr opinion that they should be killed, then al-Qur'an down agree. - Hunches 'Uthman ibn al-' Affan radi , ¥ anhu : A man in the street to see him where he had seen a woman then noticed her beauty, then 'Uthman radi , ¥ anhu said to him, "One of you met while both eyes are used adultery so clear.!" Then the man said, "Is there a revelation down after the Messenger of Allaah , ¥ alaihi wasallam died? "He replied," No, but the view inner, and a feeling of sincere argument.! " Regarding the type of feeling, its relevance, why, and various other things in a more detailed discussion can be found in the book 'as-Salikin Madarij' of Ibn al-Qayyim. Please feel free to refer him, Allaah knows best . [Abu al-Harith] Source: Madarij as-Salikin works of Ibn al-Qayyim; Firasah al-Mu'min work of Ibrahim ibn Abdullah al-Hazimi

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